Airport Hotels: Are They Worth Your Money?

Airport hotelsBecause of the volatility of global economies, many people are noticing a shift in hotel rates, with downtown accommodation becoming more expensive than people can afford, giving rise to the airport hotel market, according to

Despite the convenience of the location and cost reduction from traveling back and forth from the airport in a cab, airport hotels are still considerably pricey, which begs the question whether they give travelers bang for their buck. To businessmen and women that are sticking around for a few days, airport hotels are definitely a smarter, more practical choice, but to the travelers that have got lengthy layovers, it’s a different story all together.

For most sizeable airports such as Heathrow on the outskirts of London, Parking4Less, “most hotels cater for business travelers during the week,” so in other words, they accommodate those who can afford to pay extra for comfort and convenience. Airport hotel rates often include amenities like soundproof rooms, blackout curtains, premium bedding, and even hypoallergenic air purifies just to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you have to travel again. You also get access to higher end dining options, spa and fitness facilities, and other extras that you might not get at the airport itself. And again, all of this comes at a price that not everyone can afford.

Though long stopovers aren’t the end of the world for people traveling on a budget.

Plenty of aviation hubs around the world have started offering sleeping pods, as shown on Conde Nast Traveler, so that passengers can catch some z’s while waiting for their next flight, without having to pay around $100 for using a room for a few hours. Typically, the rates of nap pods are paid by the hour. Some airports even have promotional rates for late night check-ins and mid-evening check-outs, similar to what Abu Dhabi International Airport has.

If hourly prices of sleeping pods are still too steep for you, there are some international airports that have lounges with cozy seating, good enough for a nap.  Seoul Incheon is among the best rated airports in terms of sitting and napping locations with reclinable chairs, which are arguably more comfortable than beds in budget accommodations.

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