6 Simple Tricks for Saving Money for Traveling

By Joselyn BrownTravel pictureHave you always wanted to travel?  What’s stopping your?  Many people spend their entire live loving the idea of traveling, but they never get around to it because it seems too expensive.  We’re hear to tell you that no matter your income, you can afford to travel.  Here are a few tips to get you started.  

Have a Plan

Any good savings plan will have five steps. First, assess whether you can realistically achieve your travel goals. Then, set savings goals. Create a plan for how you will meet your goals (the next five tips should help.) Implement your plan. And, every month, revisit your plan to see how you are doing and reassess if necessary.

Focus on Activities that Are Free

If you hang out with financially irresponsible friends, you might blow $100 at the bar in a night. Would you rather see Thailand or get drunk in your town? If traveling is truly important to you, then you need to set personal goals to get you there. Engage in activities that don’t cost you anything, such as recreational sports, volunteering for charities, or taking free online courses, which can help you develop skills to earn more money.

Cut Down on Utility Bills

Keep the thermostat turned down in the winter and wear a sweater or jacket instead. Or, instead of using the air conditioner, open the windows and let the breeze cool you. Take shorter showers. When you leave a room, turn off the lights. You can also cut down on utility costs by doing fewer loads of laundry. Every little bit gets you closer to Paris.

Get Rid of Your TV

If you have cable, you are blowing through $1,000+ per year. On the other hand, when you get rid of your television, you get more out of life. You may find that you have more free time to develop a hobby that can increase your income and boost your travel savings.

Get Rid of Your Car

Between insurance, gas, repairs, and loan payments, owning a car gets real expensive real fast. These days, more and more people are ditching their cars. If public transportation, walking, or cycling are not feasible, consider ride services like Lyft.

Become a Budget Chef

Going out to eat is never affordable. Challenge yourself to make excellent meals at home. As you develop your culinary chops, you will find that the meals you make rival the pricier options at local restaurants.

Now that you know what you need to do, what are you waiting for? Start saving today for your next trip.