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Indiana’s Amish Country: A Serenely Simple Life

By Charlene & Richard Mixa

A Postcard View of Amish Life



A horse-drawn black buggy clattering on the roadway with a bright orange traffic triangle on the back is our first greeting to northern Indiana’s Amish Country. Recently receiving accolades of a “Favorite Faith-based Destination” by the National Tour Association tour operator members, we are excited to take a deeper look at Amish life and getting to know the people behind the straw hats, bonnets, and simple clothes. Continue reading

Louis & Lucy Visit the GLAZER Children’s Museum

By Charlene S. Mixa

An Exciting & Super Fun Day for Toddlers!

Glazer Children's Museum is FUN!

Glazer Children’s Museum is FUN!

I’ll have an Elmo pancake! Whoopee, now I’ll have a Cookie Monster pancake. I want a big breakfast since we’re going to the Glazer Children’s Museum today. My little sister, Lucy is content with a couple of Big Bird pancakes. Hurrah! We’re off! The Museum is a short drive from Papa and Mimi’s house. What’s a museum? Continue reading

Louis Visits Busch Gardens

By Charlene S. Mixa (Mimi to Louis)

A Toddler’s View of Busch Gardens

Louis drives a car!

Louis drives a car!

Again! Again! Ride Again! Pleaseee! Hi, I’m Louis and I’m only 22 months old. Today is my first visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Hurray! We start at “Sesame Street Safari of Fun!” Daddy and I crawl and climb through the huge multi-story play tower. Awesome! We are high above everyone walking over bridges, into towers, through chains and climbing ropes. Continue reading