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Getaway to the Gateway: St. Louis, Missouri

By Charlene S. Mixa

A Vibrant City Offering an Array of Activities

The Gateway Arch and St. Louis Riverfront

The Gateway Arch and St. Louis Riverfront

On the shores of the mighty and muddy Mississippi is a vibrant city that offers a rich past, an active present and an exciting future. St. Louis may have started with the Laclede fur traders, steamers and barges on the remarkable Mississippi River but it quickly grew to a major port city and became the Grand Dame of industry along with Continue reading

Experience Capitivating Colonial Williamsburg

By Charlene S. Mixa

Travel to the 18th century at Virginia’s Thriving Capital City – Williamsburg

The Governors Palace

The Governors Palace

Colonial Williamsburg, the thriving capital of Virginia from 1699 to 1780 presents an exciting era. Virginia was a rich and powerful colony whose boundaries stretched to the mighty Mississippi River and north to the Great Lakes. Virginia’s capital, Williamsburg, the young city of the colonies was the political, cultural and educational center of the most influential American colony. Continue reading

The El Rey Inn and Santa Fe, NM

By Charlene S. Mixa

Exploring the Historic Santa Fe Area

Plenty of beautiful flowers at the El Rey Inn

Plenty of beautiful flowers at the El Rey Inn

Charm, comfort, and a return to a different time welcomes you at the El Rey Inn in Santa Fe, NM. Off the infamous Route 66 the Inn’s history is over 70 years old. Starting with only 12 rooms in 1936 it expanded in the 1950’s and later to 86 rooms and suites on 5 acres just outside of Santa Fe. Continue reading

Detroit’s Greenfield Village – A Historic Landmark!

By: Charlene Mixa

Ford Captures the Nations Past

The original Ford Motor Company building - Greenfield Village

The original Ford Motor Company building – Greenfield Village

Henry Ford was a mastermind with innovations that changed the world. One of America’s greatest industrialists, he introduced mass production of the automobile which was only a stepping stone to his achievements. An astute businessman, he was also a visionary recognizing the importance of education and preserving our history for future generations. Continue reading

Stop and Explore Lively Lexington!

By:  Charlene & Richard Mixa

The “Horse Capital of the World” is a Must See!

High spirited horses - Kentucky Horse Park

High spirited horses – Kentucky Horse Park

Whoa! Hold on to your horses, Lexington, Kentucky reins as the “Horse Capital of the World!” Surrounded by the Bluegrass Country’s rolling meadows, thoroughbred race horses, and a thriving downtown, Lexington is an exciting “destination” city. Within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the population of the United States, it is Continue reading

Apalachicola: A Town Time “Almost” Forgot

By: Charlene & Richard Mixa

Explore and Enjoy: “A different time, place and way of life”

View of Apalachicola from Scipio Creek

View of Apalachicola from Scipio Creek

Step back in time where the pace is a little slower, away from the crowds at Florida’s theme parks and beaches. Find a special place where seafood reigns, friendliness and graciousness is a way of life, history is proudly preserved, and miles of serene natural beaches are among America’s best. Welcome to Apalachicola on Florida’s “Forgotten Coast.” Far from a typical “tourist town”, Apalachicola is a charming mix of eclectic and discretely sophisticated locally owned shops, restaurants, and galleries among former 19th century granite cotton warehouses, ship’s stores, and old net factories all set along its working waterfront. Continue reading

Montréal: A Glorious and Gracious Cosmopolitan City

By Charlene Mixa 

A Vibrant Exciting City with a Historical Legacy101_4107_resized

Royal defined as “befitting royalty, stately, or superior” and accurately describes the dynamic and exciting city of Montréal, Canada. Named after Mount Royal, a hill on Montréal Island in the St. Lawrence River, Montréal presents a majestic city. With over four hundred years of French and British heritage it is the only French speaking cosmopolitan city in the Americas. Today it is a major Canadian port as well as a cultural, commercial and industrial hub. A city that is alive with cultures from around the world all mingled in its rich past and exhilarating present. Always welcoming visitors to learn and experience the glorious and gracious, cosmopolitan Montréal. Continue reading

Cheyenne: A Vibrant Boot-Stompin’ Town

By Charlene & Richard Mixa
Get the Spirit of the Old West

The BIG BOOT at the Cheyenne Depot

The BIG BOOT at the Cheyenne Depot

Cheyenne – the name alone conjures up images of the old West with cowboys, rodeos, railroads and majestic plains. It’s a vibrant frontier town that celebrates its western roots as well as a fun lovin’ town that boasts Big Boots, Big Bison, Big Trains, Big Mansions, Big Western Stores and more. Join us on a trip through the past and experience the “Legend of Cheyenne.” Continue reading

Discover Dublin: A Fascinating Capital City

By Charlene & Richard Mixa

There’s Plenty to Toast in Dublin!Slainte!

Dublin! Drinks! Guinness! Irish Whiskey! Rebellion! History! Famine! Where to start in exploring this amazing capital city of the Republic of Ireland? A pub- of course! Boasting or better toasting over 1,000 pubs they are plentiful. Cheers! O‘Neill’s Bar is the perfect place for a quiet pint on our first evening in Dublin. For over 300 years O’Neill’s has warmly welcomed visitors and residents. Sitting at the bar, a friendly Irish couple shares suggestions for sights to see. Ah, a true charming real Irish Pub in the heart of historic Dublin. Continue reading