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The North Carolina Mountains: Entertainment for All Ages

From Fairy Tales to Musicals to Comedy
y Charlene & Richard Mixa 

Flat Rock Playhouse

Flat Rock Playhouse

Live, Love & Laugh” is the theme for our entertainment excursions in western North Carolina.  A variety of entertainment options are easily found from music festivals to music venues to drum circles to musicals to fairy tales to comedians and more.  On our excursions we find entertainment for the young and old.  Taking youngsters on a culture adventure is exciting as well as enjoying special venues that have us singing and laughing.  Come along with us on our magical entertainment journey in the mountains. Continue reading

Why It Should Never Just Be About The Strip in Las Vegas

The Strip has a reputation—quite well deserved, actually—of being the marquee destination in Las Vegas, and is described as “the epicenter of any Vegas getaway” by US News.  After all, what lies beyond that iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign along Las Vegas Boulevard South is sure to give tourists a grand, good time, not to mention opportunities to visit some of the state’s most iconic landmarks like the Vegas’s own Eiffel Tower, The Venetian’s Grand Canal, and The Luxor’s pyramid and sphinx. Continue reading


By Tim Baker

dubai-2057583_960_720 1

Dubai has developed from a small fishing village into a vibrant city to what it is now. It also became a popular tourist destination. It is known for modern architecture, luxury shopping, and a lively nightlife. You can also find the tallest building in the world in Dubai known as Burj Khalifa and even the only 7-star hotel in the world can be found here which is Burj Al Arab. Planning for a once in a lifetime vacation in Dubai? There are numerous vacation rentals in Dubai where you can spend the rest of your vacation in peace and tranquillity after exploring Dubai. Here are 15 fun things to do in Dubai that will make your stay an unforgettable one: Continue reading

A Taste of Traverse City

Sipping, Sampling, Dining, and More!

By: Charlene & Richard Mixa

Scenic View through trees at Bowers Harbor Inn (Mission Table)

Scenic View through trees at Bowers Harbor Inn (Mission Table)

On the shores of Grand Traverse Bay sits the captivating unique town of Traverse City. Glacier-sculpted landscape created miles of sugar-sand shoreline, rolling hills, and a majestic peninsula. Located on the 45th parallel halfway between the North Pole and the Equator the climate flourishes with lush vineyards, as well as, cherry and apple orchards. Continue reading

Asheville: The Call of Mountain Adventures

From Treetop Thrills to Luxurious Spa Caves
By Charlene & Richard Mixa (aka Mimi & Papa)

The Mixa's  take on the Adventure Center of Asheville

The Mixa’s take on the Adventure Center of Asheville

Zip through treetops, hike to a mountain top, slide down a waterfall, ride a wacky bus, play a round of golf, relax in an underground spa and tour a mansion, the Western North Carolina Mountains beckon adventurers from thrill seekers to pursuers of relaxation. On trips to dynamic Asheville we have hiked mountains, waded in ice cold creeks and been on tours to sample foods, taste beers and sip wines. Yet, each visit to these magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains brings a distinct twist on any adventure. Grandchildren, Louis (6 yrs.) and Lucy (4yrs) and their parents, Matt and Dawn join a few adventures adding to the excitement. Continue reading

Asheville Wines, Dines & Entertains

Variety Abounds Across the Asheville Area
By Charlene & Richard Mixa

Asheville a mountain town on the rise

Asheville a mountain town on the rise

A mountain town on the rise! Asheville, North Carolina enthralls visitors and locals with an array of activities. Recently recognized by Frommer’s as one of the “Top Must See Destination in the World,” it continues to enchant tourists. Asheville is more than the town where George Vanderbilt erected his massive mountain retreat, the Biltmore. Today it teems with interest to fit anyone’s desires. Continue reading

Cruise & Explore the Gems of Spain

A Luxurious Mediterranean Cruise to Intriguing Spanish Ports

By Charlene & Richard Mixa

The MS New Amsterdam sails the coast of Spain

The MS New Amsterdam sails the coast of Spain

Roman ruins, ancient cathedrals, lively cities and remote villages entice visitors to Spain. A country where the great civilizations have risen, fallen and left behind their indelible mark. Holland America’s Gems of Spain promises enchanting glimpses of an intriguing country while indulging in a luxurious Mediterranean cruise. Continue reading

Sensational Savannah


A Southern City Boasting Charm and Hospitality  

By Charlene & Richard Mixa

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Savannah! The coastal jewel on Georgia’s east coast evokes visions of sunlight filtered through thick gnarled branches of ancient live oaks. Spanish moss drips off trees while crepe myrtles burst with bright blossoms of purple, pink and white. In early June, stately old trees shade columned mansions and gardens sport summer blooms. Savannah entices visitors with her sultry ambiance, striking beauty and old-world charm. Continue reading