The Heavenly Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort

Charlene & Richard Mixa

 A Magical Beachside Resort

Our infinity view!

Our infinity view!

Crystal clear emerald green water and the whitest, cleanest, softest sand with brilliant blue skies above create an “infinity” beach view. A real life seascape welcomes us to Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort. Tucked away on a 27-acre natural setting our beachfront condominium (#1404, Gulffront) gives us a “new” appreciation of the beauty of Florida’s Emerald Coast.

A true beachside condo! The large private patio has magnificent panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. Forget infinity pools-our view is an infinity view of the Gulf’s emerald green waters. Even watching TV, we glance out and enjoy our endless coastal view. Sunsets are phenomenal, too!

Decked out with cool blues, tile floors and perfectly coordinated furnishings this spacious two bedroom and two bath condo is a wonderful beach getaway. With its beach décor and accoutrements, it feels like a resort bungalow, not a condo. We especially liked the comfy chairs and couch in the living area making it a great place to relax. Extra touches are granite counters in the kitchen, the dining area with a beautiful table and chairs plus a full size washer and dryer. Breakfast on the large patio is a terrific way to start our day. As a couple we have lots of space to spread out, but this unit would be terrific for a small family.

Beach Umbrellas all lined up!

Beach Umbrellas all lined up!

Staying at the beach is the best! The views are awesome and it’s a breeze to get on this sparkling white beach. Hop on the elevator and take a short stroll across a boardwalk over the natural sand dunes to this magical beach. Hidden Dunes provides complimentary beach chairs and umbrella making for a relaxing afternoon, morning, or day at the beach. No lugging chairs. A beautiful sugar-sand beach! Even in the heat, this sandy beach is “cool.” Relaxing and serene, Hidden Dunes has the most private beach access per unit than any other in the area. Walking the beach, we appreciate the spaciousness and serenity of Hidden Dunes beach compared to other resorts that are jammed with beach umbrellas and tourists. The emerald green waters are truly pristine on this smooth sandy seashore. Long walks are inviting along the shoreline for a mild cardio workout or seeing the magnificence of this enchanting coast.

What creates this stunning crystal clear sandy beach and emerald green waters? I told my husband the sand comes from the Appalachian Mountains. On a tour with a Park Ranger in the mountains of West Virginia several years ago, the Park Ranger said the sand on Florida’s beaches comes from these mountains. Yes, a local magazine “Coastlines” explains this is not “sand” but “quartz crystals filtered down from the Appalachian Mountains polished by eons of water action to become this dazzling fine white sand.” I’m originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachians, I’m proud the runoff from our mountains creates these spectacular crystal clear sandy beaches in the Florida panhandle.

Hidden Dunes Pool

Hidden Dunes Pool

Ah! Refreshing! The large Gulffront pool is wonderful for cooling off after a day at the beach and, of course, rinsing off the Gulf’s salt water. Plenty of chaise lounge chairs surround the pool creating a place to relax, sunbath or sooth aching muscles in the hot tub. On our visit, we spend our time walking the beach, sunbathing, taking a cool dip in the pool or chilling out in the condo.

Hidden Dunes offers six championship Rubico tennis courts, three resort pools and a variety of accommodations from beach condos, beach cottages and beach villas set among lush landscape, gazebos, and a lake as well as the spectacular beach. Whatever we decide to do, the warm Gulf winds keep us company and the sounds of the waves create a welcoming respite at Hidden Dunes.

If you go:

Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort, 79 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, FL. 32550; (800) 225-7652;

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