Louis & Lucy Visit the GLAZER Children’s Museum

By Charlene S. Mixa

An Exciting & Super Fun Day for Toddlers!

Glazer Children's Museum is FUN!

Glazer Children’s Museum is FUN!

I’ll have an Elmo pancake! Whoopee, now I’ll have a Cookie Monster pancake. I want a big breakfast since we’re going to the Glazer Children’s Museum today. My little sister, Lucy is content with a couple of Big Bird pancakes. Hurrah! We’re off! The Museum is a short drive from Papa and Mimi’s house. What’s a museum? Sounds like something for old people. We’re just toddlers. I’m Louis. I’m only 34 months old and Lucy is just 14 months. In fact, she just started walking two days ago.

Hurrah, we’re at the Museum. It’s time to explore. Look I caught a fish! At Tugboat Tot’s I can catch fish or captain a tugboat. Lucy is checking out the water stuff in Kidsport. I’m not going to be outdone and head over. Cool, I take a ball and drop it in an opening, then watch it roll down a metal path above the water and over a bridge (the Skyway Bridge).

Digging for pirate treasure!

Digging for pirate treasure!

That’s fun. Off with the shoes! Let’s dig in the sand. Lucy and I cautiously explore the sandbox. What’s that between my toes? It’s not real sand but plastic pellets. Before I can even get my “sand legs” other kids are busy digging and finding “hidden treasure.”  I’m a rain drop of water! On the second floor Dad and Mimi cheer me on as I crawl down and up a winding, climbing mesh and carpet contraption. Mimi, explains, Louis, “You’re a drop of water that rises into the clouds and comes down again as rain that soaks into the ground.” Too much detail for me, but it’s fun and I get braver each time I do it.

Wow, more things to explore! How much do I weigh? Am I faster than a turtle or a hare? I won! I beat the hare in “Sports Corner”. There’s even a rock wall to climb. Now, I’m gardening. I love vegetables! Carefully, I take out the cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce and put them in the right spot in the garden. Lucy arrives to check out the stuff for toddlers (Tot’s Construction area for 0-3). Red balls, blue balls, yellow balls, green balls! It’s not a sandbox but a “ball box!” Daddy piles on more and more balls so all we see is Lucy’s head. Ha Ha! That’s funny! I put on a construction hat and check out the “tools.” Lucy crawls through a big orange pipe.

Lucy playing Doctor!

Lucy playing Doctor!

Pizza! I’m making a pizza for Mommy! Carefully, I place mushrooms, onions, and pepperoni on the pizza and pop it into the brick oven to bake. Sit Mommy! Putting the pizza on a tray I take it to her table. Okay, it’s fake food (at the Outback Café) but so much fun. Mommy and I explore the Vet Clinic while Lucy is off to the Hospital with Daddy and Mimi. Dressed up as a doctor, Lucy tries to give me a shot. She looks so funny!   Wee! I slide down the fireman’s pole at the Firehouse. Dressed up in my fireman’s hat, coat and pants, I’m driving the fire truck. I’m a fireman! Watch out, Lucy’s here, so I hop off and let her play “fire girl”.

Shake it Louis! Shake it! I love to boogie! Music, lights and a dance floor are great for “shaking it” (in the Art Lab). What are these red things that look like nails? It’s a frame of nails. It’s cool to push them in. Mommy stands on the other side and pushes them back. While Mommy and I are busy in the Art Lab, Mimi and Lucy go shopping at Publix. Lucy just puts everything from a bin into Mimi’s basket in this pretend grocery store. Lucy’s just a little over one year old and not as experienced as her big brother. Oops, Lucy is off again to the Hospital. Grabbing the syringe, Lucy is off. Every time, Daddy returns the syringe to the Hospital, Lucy goes right back to get it.

I love vegetables!

I love vegetables!

Pirates are big today. It’s the Children’s Gasparilla Weekend, so the Museum has special activities. After getting my Pirate’s hat made, Mimi takes me to the airplane. Let’s fly! I get to fly it. Wow, we are flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

Fun! Fun! Fun! The Children’s Museum is super! So much to do! I don’t want to leave! Mom, Dad and Mimi promise to bring Lucy and me again on our next visit to Tampa. I can’t wait. I’ll be over three years old then so I can do even more fun things at the super kids Museum.

Louis is a Fireman!

Louis is a Fireman!

Note: The Glazer Children’s Museum is fantastic for kids. There is so much to do in this hands-on museum. Each area offers lots of activities and will be of interest to various ages. Our toddlers were focused on “action” not the learning part of the exhibits and they had a great time. As a grandparent, I (Mimi) thoroughly enjoyed watching and playing with them in this interactive museum. There were times I wanted to “sneak” off and try some of the activities myself or read more to better understand the attraction. But keeping up with the little ones, precluded that on this visit. Anyone with children visiting the Tampa area should definitely include it in a visit. Plus there is a large lawn outside along the Hillsborough River for a picnic and to unwind. If the weather is warm, the kids will enjoy the splash fountain outside, too. We recommend taking some time to view the Museum’s areas and map so you can be sure to catch all the attractions. Be prepared the kids are not going to want to leave!

If you go:

Glazer Children’s Museum, 110 W. Gasparilla Plaza,  Tampa, FL 33602; 813.443.FUN1 (3861)

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