The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Vintage Clothing in the Big Apple

By Jocelyn Brown 


Eileen Fisher is a famous American fashion designer and she believes that the fashion industry is second only to the oil industry in terms of creating pollution. If you’re worried about the environmental impact of “fast fashion”, and prefer to choose vintage clothing of superb quality, you should know that a visit to New York City ticks all the boxes for fans of vintage. Today, we’d like to share information about where to find the most impressive vintage clothing (and accessories) while you are exploring this wonderful city. Vintage can be so chic. Lots of fashionistas rely on it to add edge and impact. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, because it’s recycled.

Where to Start the Hunt
Part of the fun of shopping for vintage is the “treasure hunt” effect. Everyone who prowls vintage shops is looking for a major “find”, such as a tweed Chanel jacket from the Sixties or a classic Yves St. Laurent “Le smoking” jacket from the Seventies. Vintage isn’t just about the ladies. Men love it, too and may seek out vintage sportswear, such as 80s Adidas, or look for the famous cowboy suits created by legendary country and western tailor, Nudie Cohn. Some vintage is costly, but worth it. Rooting around and sartorial gems in NYC is a treat for any vintage fan. You’ll boost the odds of finding gems when you start the hunt for vintage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

Why Is Williamburg a Treasure Trove?
First of all, if you appreciate the hipster aesthetic, and a lot of vintage fashion fans do, you’ll enjoy spending time in Williamsburg. According to the website, Williamsburg gives off “serious hipster vibes”. This part of Brooklyn is a place where youthful, fashionable people love to be. It’s loaded with chic shops (new and vintage), street art, cool eateries and trendy coffeehouses. Also, there’s a gorgeous waterfront which provides exceptional views of Manhattan. There is great demand for vintage in the area, as vintage clothing suits the style of so many Williamsburg residents, so you’ll find stellar vintage shops in the ‘hood. Bear in mind that it may not be the cheapest vintage that you ever buy, because rents in NYC mean that shop owners need to charge more for what they sell. But that’s true all over the city…not just in Williamsburg.

Which Williamsburg Vintage Shops are Popular?
To see where real-life vintage fans choose to shop while they are in Williamburg, we checked out the big review websites. The top five vintage shops in the area are:

  1. Awoke Vintage (clean, curated boutique, and full of interesting retro clothing and accessories)Antoinette (chic women’s vintage clothing from the Fifties to the Nineties – some men’s stuff is available)
  2. 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas (a huge place with tons to choose from, for reasonable prices)
  3. Buffalo Exchange (good selection of recycled and new vintage/designer clothes)
  4. Monk Vintage Thift Shop (colorful and eclectic store with organized vintage clothing and accessories inventory)

Vintage Shoes May Not Be a Smart Buy
According to the CNN Money website, people should not buy vintage shoes, especially when they are running shoes. Older shoes don’t absorb shock the way that they did when they were new and they may cause injuries. Also, shoes tend to be personal items which are often worn with bare feet and a lot of people prefer to buy them brand-new for sanitary reasons. Wearing new and stylish shoes with vintage items will anchor your look by giving it a touch of modernity. Naturally, New York is a wonderful place to shop for new shoes, whether you want high fashion or something more affordable.

Shop for NYC Vintage Clothes Today
Now that you know NYC’s best neighborhood for vintage, as well as five of its most popular vintage clothing shops, you’ll be ready to shop till you drop in the city that never sleeps. Williamsburg isn’t the only Big Apple neighborhood that offers fabulous vintage. However, it’s definitely a superb starting point.

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