Sail Away With Me – Summer Holidays on the Water

By Jocelyn Brown

Photo by: Torbjorn Sandbakk

Photo by: Torbjorn Sandbakk

Whether you’ve never set foot in a boat before, or are already a seasoned and salty sailor, a holiday on the water is a great option for the upcoming summer. Relaxing but infused with a real sense of adventure, everyone can have the trip of a lifetime once onboard from young families to solo seniors – after all, adventures don’t have to stop just because you age!

Sailing holidays used to be the reserve of the rich and famous, but a competitive market means there are options to suit all budgets – and they can be found all over the world. You can be as active and involved as you like, or just be taken along for the ride, which makes it a tempting holiday option for seniors; and there’s no better way to seek out that picturesque cove, find the perfect swimming spot, or experience an out of this world wildlife encounter.

Choosing your holiday
The Caribbean is a great place for your summer sailing holiday. Sunshine and sand in abundance, and so many islands to hop between you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on your skill and interest in getting involved with the actual sailing – and your budget – you can join a group flotilla holiday, charter a private yacht, or hire a boat and do it yourself. Many companies will have pre-determined routes to pick from, but if there’s somewhere specific you want to go then chartering a private boat and creating a bespoke route is your best bet.

All aboard for adventure
Sailing is a great way to explore those idyllic Caribbean islands, secluded beaches and coves which cannot be reached by land, and gives you a completely different perspective on how the islands are more connected rather than separated by the water. The warm climate promises lush forests and sandy beaches with amazing wildlife to match, and the vibrant port towns boast restaurants and bars aplenty for your shore leave. It’s an ideal choice for people who want to experience that thrill of adventure but don’t want to compromise on comfort, or those who need a slightly slower pace. Also check out options in the Bahamas or Florida – equally excellent for a relaxing but fun-filled trip.

Where next?
If you’re looking further afield than the US, try a classic Mediterranean option and spend your time hopping down the sun-soaked Italian Riviera, or between Greece’s tiny and charming islands. There’s plenty of good food, good wine, and shores packed with culture and history to fill your land-based days. Sailing holidays really are what you make them, whether you’re up with the captain navigating through the shoals and the tides, or snoozing on deck with a good book.