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6 Simple Tricks for Saving Money for Traveling

By Joselyn BrownTravel pictureHave you always wanted to travel?  What’s stopping your?  Many people spend their entire live loving the idea of traveling, but they never get around to it because it seems too expensive.  We’re hear to tell you that no matter your income, you can afford to travel.  Here are a few tips to get you started.  

Have a Plan

Any good savings plan will have five steps. First, assess whether you can realistically achieve your travel goals. Then, set savings goals. Create a plan for how you will meet your goals (the next five tips should help.) Implement your plan. And, every month, revisit your plan to see how you are doing and reassess if necessary. Continue reading

Airport Hotels: Are They Worth Your Money?

Airport hotelsBecause of the volatility of global economies, many people are noticing a shift in hotel rates, with downtown accommodation becoming more expensive than people can afford, giving rise to the airport hotel market, according to

Despite the convenience of the location and cost reduction from traveling back and forth from the airport in a cab, airport hotels are still considerably pricey, which begs the question whether they give travelers bang for their buck. To businessmen and women that are sticking around for a few days, airport hotels are definitely a smarter, more practical choice, but to the travelers that have got lengthy layovers, it’s a different story all together. Continue reading