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Fascinating Fishing Spots That Provide More Than A Good Catch

fishing-926453__340Ask an angler what their favorite fishing spot is and they’ll undoubtedly tell you the story of their biggest catch. From shark infested waters to treacherous terrain, anglers across the world brave it all in search of the ideal angling spot. Did we mention stunning scenery and breath-taking vistas?

Dangerous Territories
It’s not public riots or the edgy terrain that make this location a ripper on this list. The Umba River in Russia provides anglers with the ideal fly fishing experience as they brave bears to get to some of the best specimens of salmon on the planet.

Northern America and Europe are filled to the brim with some of the best ice fishing spots. These include Lake of the Woods and Lake Diefenbaker. Although hypothermia is one of the main concerns during an ice fishing expedition, it’s often the small things that cause anglers to lose focus and expose themselves to dangerous situations. These include the wrong type of thermal wear, such as those that would become unbearably heavy when wet, and poor eye protection.

Beautiful Game Fishing
When it comes to fishing in stunning surroundings and getting a good workout on the end of the reel, Lizard Island provides both in droves. The area is synonymous with that tropical island feel and lures anglers into what seems like a quiet day on the waters. However, these calm waters provide the coveted black marlin which weighs in at around 750 kg and swims faster than the average speed on a freeway. These waters are also known for yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and sailfish.

Another famous game fishing location in Australia is located in the Northern Territories. It’s home to the Barramundi fish. Apart from braving the notorious saltwater crocodiles, these waters also hold an abundance of other wildlife that makes the trip more than just a barra run.
Perhaps not quite as much of a fight as a marlin but still a worthy opponent is what is fondly referred to as a striped water dog. The tigerfish is an admirable opponent in the water and the Okavango Delta is the ideal location to find him in. It teems with these ferocious fighters and provides unrivaled scenery.

Visit National Parks to Discover Some of the World’s Most Breath-Taking Natural Spaces

By Jocelyn Brown

Banff Canada by Ezra Jeffrey

Banff Canada by Ezra Jeffrey

The 7,000 national parks across 100 countries all around the globe, offer travelers the chance to experience the world’s natural beauty first hand. National parks are conservation areas used to help protect and preserve areas of natural land. The land is often semi natural or all natural. But there is some developed land which can call itself a national park, just as long as a country or state declares it as being its own property. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but there is no doubt that these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes, environmental wonders and fascinating plants and wildlife. Continue reading

Moon Riding: Taking Your Bike Out at Night

By Jocelyn Brown

For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed cycling at night rather than during the day. It might be because there’s less traffic or if they use their lights, they’re easier to spot. Of course, it might be the moon and the stars when you get out of the urban lighting and into the country. Regardless of why I like it, taking part in the annual Atlanta Moon Ride for the last 3 years has allowed me to share this passion and interest with people from all over the city and indeed, country – many of whom have never done a real night ride before. Continue reading

Hiking with Casper the (Un)Friendly Ghost: Four Haunted United States National Parks

By:   Jocelyn Brown

Photo by Andrea Boldizsar

Photo by Andrea Boldizsar

The United States National Parks have a dark and brooding history. Many visitors mysteriously vanish on hikes through these parks, and over the past 100 years, there have been 1,100 missing persons cases that have never been closed. Unable to cross over, these restless souls continue to haunt the parks and if you’re hiking at night, you’d better watch out for these spirits. They’re not all as friendly as Casper. Continue reading

Snow Calling – Check out popular Ski Weekend Resorts that British Love

By Tim Baker


Weekend getaways are invaluable for how they refresh your attitude to life and invigorate your soul. No wonder hundreds of British snow seekers escape every weekend over the winter. It won’t matter whatever the weather. Just being in the brisk mountain air is a wakeup call. Some resorts are obviously more popular than others and the British have their preferences for good reason. Continue reading