Your Ultimate Guide To Bali And Top Things To Try

 By Tim Baker  


You’ve probably heard one or two things about Bali recently. Either a friend has told you how amazing their trip was or you’ve heard about Bali in the news when Mount Agung erupted on November 27, 2017. Regardless of how or why it has been mentioned to you, Bali must be added to your travel list immediately. Bali is a traveler’s dream and one of the best islands to visit on Earth. In this article, you’ll find a planning, sightseeing, accommodation and food guide for those wanting to try out Bali.

Things to Know When Planning Your Trip
When planning your trip to Bali, there are a few keys pieces of information you should know to help make important decisions as you put together your itinerary.

  •  Ngurah Rai International Airport is the only airport on the island and is located on the southern peninsula. When researching accommodations, be certain to look at your transportation options to and from the airport. You might consider packing light with these tips in case your method of transportation is somewhat confined.
  •  The rupiah is the currency used in Bali. If you like to carry cash while travelling, you can exchange or withdraw rupiah from an ATM when you arrive in Bali. It is recommended to wait until you arrive to withdraw or exchange any currency to get the best rates. · The temperatures in Bali are relatively consistent year round (20-33 C or 68-93 F) which means you can pack the same items regardless of what time of year you choose to visit. However, there is heavier rainfall beginning in October and going through March, so you might consider bringing an umbrella, rain jacket, and/or poncho for rainy days.
  •  Become familiar with different modes of transportation available in Bali. You may opt to hire a driver for a day or the entire duration of your stay. You can even rent a motorbike to immerse yourself even fuller into the Bali experience.

So Much to See!!
Bali might be an island, but did you know it’s over 2,000,000 km2? Bali is larger than all three bodies of water that surround it. With an island so big, it’s not surprising that you’ll be able to find numerous activities to fit your desires.

Get in Touch with Your Wild Side
Bali has incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with animals. According to in,  “One thing Bali is not short of is an abundance of interesting wildlife.”

· Feel like hanging around, literally? Bali offers several different monkey forests to visit around the island. As cute as they may be, you want to maintain some distance from them or risk getting into a sticky situation you weren’t expecting.
· How about bathing one of the largest land mammals on the planet? Rather than a bed and breakfast combo, you can schedule a bathe and breakfast featuring these majestic creatures.
· If you’re wanting to see a variety of animals, a safari might be more your style. Bali Safari and Marine Park is home to over 60 different species of animals. Their tagline is “It’s not a zoo. You’re on safari.”

For the Love of Art and Culture
Bali invites you to indulge in their unique take on many art forms. From puppets to rituals to the marketplace, you are bound to learn something by immersing yourself in one of these experiences.

· Seek out a Wayang show. The traditional puppets in Bali are known as Wayang. “Based on old manuscripts in Bali, Wayang has been performed around the ninth century,” according to the Bali Tourism Board.
· If you’re looking to visit a temple, you’ve come to the right place. Temples are the perfect place to take in a ritual or religious celebration in Bali. Keep your eyes open for a Melasti ritual or Ngaben ceremony.
· Are you the type of person who experiences culture through shopping and studio art? Then definitely add the Art Market in Ubud to your list of places to visit.

Experience Natural Beauty
Get your camera out! Here are some ideas of places to get you the best pictures for your instagram feed.

· Look for one of many temples atop a cliff or on a beach. The incredible architecture encapsulated in nature is breathtaking and sure to wow your followers.
· Enjoy scenic views as you hike the Campuhan Ridge Walk. Make sure you bring plenty of water. The hike takes roughly two hours.
· Visit the Bali Botanical Garden to see all of Bali’s vegetation in one place. Want an aerial view of the garden? You can zipline overhead and take it all in as part of the Bali Treetop Adventure Park, located inside the garden.

Relax and Refresh
If taking it easy is your idea of a vacation, Bali has that readily available at one of the five star resorts in Bali, Ayana Resort and Spa. Their staff is waiting for you with a full menu of signature treatments.

· Release with the help of lava stones from Bali’s own mountains with a reflexology treatment.
· Treat yourself to a massage. Ayana offers a Hot Shell Massage “to melt tired muscles and soothe your spirit.”
· Feeling unbalanced spiritually? Schedule a 7 Chakra Dhara that will “transmit universal energy for your body to use as it chooses.”

But Where Should I Stay?
Consider booking a room at Ayana too. Then you won’t have to go as far for your personal spa day or much else if you’d rather stay close to your accommodations. With views of the ocean, why go any further if you don’t have to?

Ayana Resort and Spa is home to 19 different restaurants, 12 pools, and their own putting green. They’ll even pick you up from the airport when you arrive so your transportation is covered. Even if you do decide to leave for the day, a shuttle goes between the resort and Bali Collection shopping complex daily.

I’ll have the suckling pig and a dairy free coffee.

The food scene in Bali is just as extraordinary and diverse as the sites you can visit while staying there. Even vegans have several food options when dining out!

· Head over to Canggu and start your day with a dairy-free coffee and slice of cake from Betelnut or MOTION.
· Also in Canggu, you can find one of the highest recommended places to enjoy suckling pig, or “Babi Guling.” Warung Nasi Babi Guling Men Agus isn’t the easy place to find, but it’s said to be worth the game of hide and seek.
· Want to splurge those rupiah and really have a culinary experience? Bali is home to a few Michelan-starred restaurants like Teatro Gastroteque and Restaurant Locavore.

Now that you know where to stay, what to do, and places to eat, what’s keeping you from booking this trip? Bali is offering some nice discounts to increase their tourism after Mount Agung erupted recently, so now is the best time to hop on that plane and get over to Bali. If money is keeping you from spoiling yourself with this trip, here’s some tips to save money so you can get to Bali quicker.


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