The Water Puppet Show

By Mary Jo Plouf

The only existing water puppets in the world, as far as I can determine, are in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Thang Long Water Pupper Show is a puppet show, performed on a watery stage. The puppets depict scenes from the history of Vietnam, animal antics and human foibles.  It is all very interesting even if the majority of the spectators cannot understand the language.  The band alone is worth the price of admission.

The theater is small and the seats are very close together and small.  There is very little leg room. A few of our Gate 1 Travel group were a bit uncomfortable, but the performance lasted only about an hour so we all enjoyed the show. There were no bad seats, just uncomfortable ones.

The colors and visuals for the show were outstanding and there was no objection to taking photos during the performance.

Before and after the performance, it was possible to visit the gift shop and view some of the puppets up-close. They are quite different from the usual puppets.  The theater is located in a very popular market area, so many of our group stayed on after the performance and walked back to our hotel.


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