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Dubai has developed from a small fishing village into a vibrant city to what it is now. It also became a popular tourist destination. It is known for modern architecture, luxury shopping, and a lively nightlife. You can also find the tallest building in the world in Dubai known as Burj Khalifa and even the only 7-star hotel in the world can be found here which is Burj Al Arab. Planning for a once in a lifetime vacation in Dubai? There are numerous vacation rentals in Dubai where you can spend the rest of your vacation in peace and tranquillity after exploring Dubai. Here are 15 fun things to do in Dubai that will make your stay an unforgettable one:

Visit a new lakefront destination. There is a recently opened attraction in Dubai’s Al Khawaneej area named The Yard. Its setting is a combination of rural farm environment with the accent of urban styles. Here you can find a farmer’s market, a bakery, and a lake and shaded walking trails. Various street arts can also be seen and even ‘Promise Bridge’ where you can hang love locks. It deserves an entry for your Instagram.

boat-1845813_960_720 fireworksWitness the Burj Khalifa light show. If you’re not able to watch Burj Khalifa light show on New Year’s Eve, worry no more because it has been extended until the 31st of March. The show lasts for about 7 minutes. There is the so-called Light Up 2018 show on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM while it starts on 10 PM on Thursday, Friday and public holidays.

Check out Dubai Frame. The wait is over! Dubai’s newest and picturesque landmark is now open. It is located in Zabeel Park. It is consists of two 150-meter high towers and is connected by a 93-meter glass bridge at the top. There is an elevator that takes visitors up to the bridge where it offers a panoramic view over old and new Dubai. A museum can be found on the ground floor which showcases the city’s transformation from fishing village to what it is now.

Enjoy bowling and beers at this new licensed spot. The Westin in Al Habtoor City, a licensed bowling alley has recently opened. It features a sports bar and also home to a double lane bowling alley named Dubai 44. It is also the tallest bowling alley in the world.

Take a tour of Dubai Safari. It opened its gates in December and is currently home to 2,000 animals from all over the world. There are various exhibits happening in Dubai Safari. Some of these are the world’s first drive-thru crocodile exhibit and the UAE’s only drive-thru hippo and even tiger exhibit.

Get your dose of culture at The Louvre Abu Dhabi. After 10 years in the making, the most anticipated Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its magnificent doors in November. It featured the Saadiyat Island art museum and is designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. It is said to be the first foreign outpost of the iconic institution in Paris. Here you’ll be amazed by artwork collections that are around 600.

Party hard at a new super club. This nightlife concept is brought to you by Soho Garden is one of the city’s hottest places to see and be seen. It includes a daytime pool and four bars namely a Glasshouse Bar, Bellini Bar, Tiki Bar and Negroni Bar. But that doesn’t end there, when fully operational, it will also have a 10,000 capacity concert stage, nightclubs, pools and numerous restaurants, and even bars. Something to look forward to those who love to party.

See the Dubai Fountain up closer than ever before. Since the opening of the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk, you can now enjoy the best possible view of the Dubai Fountain Shows. It allows you to watch the show from just 9 meters away.

Check out Dubai’s beautiful new beachfront destination. We are talking about La Mer here, the beachfront development in Jumeirah 1. It opened its first phase to the public. Upon the completion of this destination, it will be made up of three areas namely, La Mer South, La Mer North, and The Wharf. For now, you can check out La Mer South and La Mer North that will eventually be home to more than 130 shops, cafes and even restaurants.

Swing by this new art cafe in Barsha Sout. It is run by the charismatic British artist named Jonathan Gent called Cabin. It is a part-studio and part-cafe that serves sumptuous food.

Lose yourself in a new urban maze. Looking for a challenge? This is perfect for you! The “world’s first indoor urban maze” is described as jumble inclusive of twists, turns, and mind-bending challenges. As stated in the guideline, Team of 3-6 people must work hand in hand to progress through a series of rooms wherein each room contain either a physical challenge or problem that must be solved.

Soak up the sun at a new beach club. It is located in One&Only Royal Mirage and is described as drift wherein luxury beach chicks meets casual simplicity. It features an infinity pool, prime beachfront real estate, and a restaurant and bar.

Visit Dubai’s new cultural district. Al Seef opened its door to shopping, dining and entertainment destination that will eventually house 500 shops, floating restaurants, and an authentic souk.

Book a table at a stylish new restaurant. BB Social Dining serves mostly Asian-inspired menu that split into B’s which means bao, bites, bowls, and BBQ. Here every dish is for sharing, wherein the social dining theme comes in. It’s simply too good to be a secret.

Head to a garden themed pop-up bar. Le Royal Meridien in Dubai Marina is launching a new pop-up bar called The Garden. The overall theme here is botanical. Every Tuesday, there will be a potting shed terracotta pot filled with bread, pickles, and bottles of a cocktail.

dubai-1617778_960_720 bldg.What are you waiting for? The time is now to explore Dubai!

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